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i've decided, on my own this time around, that it is time to end the insanity and begin my recovery. i've been suffering from an eating disorder in one way or another since i was about 14 and i am now 20. i feel as though it has been long enough... it got really bad this bout and i ended up taking all kinds of pills and other shit.. a VERY good friend of mine found my various pills and talked me to my senses. for the first time i want to "get better" not only for everyone else, but for ME. and i think that's an important step. i was sick all the time, weak, tired, sad... it was eating away at my soul and i'm ready for it to end. i came to this conclusion quite a while ago and posted about it in my own lj but i was just recently able to make it public to all of you.

i struggle day in and day out with my disorder and i doubt i'll ever be "recovered".. but its an uphill climb that i'm willing to take. i thank you for EVERYTHING you've done and all of the posts you've replied to. i appreciate it. i wish you all luck and i hope that those of you who want out can find the strength to get out. thank you all so much. adios.

i'm posting this in multiple communities because i feel that i owe it to those i've befriended in each of the commnities i've joined.
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